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NeuraVie: Why Natural Brain Health Supplements are Better for Your Overall Health

We’ve all had those moments of panic when we need to finish an assignment or a big work project in a matter of time, and we decide the best way to power through it is by chugging down lots of caffeine. Whether it be to keep us awake or attentive, we are looking for that short-term fix to complete our task.  

People often use coffee or energy drinks as their go-to for focus and concentration, but does it really help? How does it affect our brain health in the short, mid, and long-term? Is there a better alternative to caffeinated drinks? Let’s dive deeper into the research and find out!  

Effect of Energy Drinks and Caffeine on the Brain and Body

Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks have become increasingly popular these days among young people, with a study showing 43% of 13-15-year old’s having tried them (1). These types of drinks can also affect student’s ability to study or stay awake for a brief time, but they are not good for the brain or body long-term. Research shows around this age, energy drinks can also cause heart palpitations, among other things. 

And while there are many long-term consequences affecting teenagers and college-aged studentsenergy drinks are also harmful for people of any ageThis is because energy drinks have high levels of sugar, vitamins, and herbal substances, that when combined, are shown to cause heart problems and other health issues. certified rheumatologist shared in one article, that sometimes even healthy 30-40-year old’s around who have energy drinks (due to megadoses of caffeine and other stimulants) end up hospitalized for strokes or brain hemorrhages 


Many emerging brain health supplements have caffeine as an ingredient. While a moderate amount of caffeine has been proven to be okayit may lead to caffeine dependence which has its own symptoms of withdrawal and fatigue. In one study, Caffeine “can influence objective and perceived cognitive performance by increasing alertness and wakefulness”(2). Another study shows that “when a single dose of 300 mg is administered, caffeine can increase anxiety and tension”(3) .

NeuraVie: A Natural Supplement to Help Maintain Cognitive Function

NeuraVie is a natural, caffeine-free nootropic, or brain health supplementIt’s meant to maintain cognitive function by targeting the 6 pillars of brain health: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, concentration, and reasoning. You can learn more about what these mean by reading our 6 Pillars of Brain Health article here 

NeuraVie is made with L-Theanine, which is found in many nootropicsIt is shown in studies to increase mental focuscreativity, and uniquely leaves a calming effect on the bodyInstead of using heavy amounts of sugars and unnatural substancesNeuraVie has natural ingredients that target gut-brain health and other neural functions. Check out the graphic below to see how these ingredients compare to the ingredients in energy drinks: 

NeuraVie’s all-natural ingredient blends are carefully crafted to give you the natural energy you need in the moment without giving you the side effects of caffeine such as crashing or withdrawals. It also may help your short, mid, and long-term brain health and wellness overall. What other supplement can offer that?  

If you are interested in learning more about NeuraVie, visit 


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