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Homeopathic Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

Homeopathy. We talk about products like SomaDerm® and how it’s developed with homeopathic ingredients, but what is homeopathy? And how does it differ from traditional medicine?​

History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy isn’t something new. It’s been around for quite a while. It was originally founded by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in the late 18th century. During his 15 years as a physician in Europe, he started experimenting with Chinchona Bark which was being used to treat Malaria at the time. He realized the bark had similar symptoms to the disease and so he developed a principle: “like cures like”. In other words, something that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be treated by an illness with similar symptoms. 

Homeopathy expanded quickly in the U.S. as homeopathic schools emerged, and universities like Stanford started specializing in homeopathic medicine. In general, alternative medicine became widely supported even among educated and famous people, from Harriet Beecher Stowe to John D. Rockefeller. 

Homeopathy and Allopathy: The Difference

Since both traditional medicine and homeopathy have been around for quite a while, let’s examine their differences. 

Allopathy is also known as traditional, mainstream, or Western medicine. This treatment is usually carried out by doctors and physicians through medications, prescriptions, surgery, radiation, and other procedures. According to a study, this is a more common practice, especially in the U.S.

Homeopathic remedies are typically made from plants and minerals and work in a more natural and holistic sense. In homeopathy, doctors or practitioners believe the less potency the medicine has, the more powerful it can be. These treatments treat the person as a whole rather than a specific illness or symptom. 

SomaDerm®: A Homeopathic Blend

Following these principles of homeopathy, SomaDerm is made of natural botanical herbs and ingredients. Each botanical has a corresponding cell that stimulates multiple metabolic functions to reset the body’s balance. The ingredients do well to target our pituitary gland to bring it to that natural, balanced homeostasis state. 

Additionally, SomaDerm follows the homeopathic principle of “less is more”. This principle means that the more diluted the medicinal dose is, the more effective for healing it can be, with little to no side effects. The dilution process is also known as potentisation. One example of this is seen in a 1995 study that discussed the protective effect of small doses of ionizing radiation against the toxic cumulative effects one can experience from radiation. Another study showed a homeopathic diluted solution that reduced anxiety in patients suffering through trauma.

During a training call, Lou Paradise, a homeopathic expert from our scientific advisory board,  shared:

“When we use SomaDerm we are stimulating the body’s natural resources, the body’s innate intelligence, the body’s natural pharmacy to return to optimum health. So when people feel SomaDerm’s 40+ benefits they start to realize every single thing we ever needed, that either moves us to optimum health and/or helps us to stay and maintain optimum health, has been within our own bodies the entire time.”

Overall, this homeopathic gel solution can give us the right mix of balance, health, and vitality for our bodies. Check out how you can get started with this incredible product today! 



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